Body by Vi – first step…order product

So today I have gone against everything I believe in and ordered a diet shake. I don’t know much about this product, but I do know that a good friend of mine believes in it and is passionate about it, as well as selling it – and gave me a good 15 minute spiel to where I couldn’t say no.

So I finally made the time and put in my order for the “Shape Kit” from Body by Vi. Now here’s a little background on myself to better put things in perspective: I’ve been trying to lose 10 pounds for about 5 years now and have been unsuccessful. I have, however, been successful with gaining 10 pounds (it was after I joined the Army Reserves, I was done with training, not working out as much – it wasn’t a random weight gain) and I did shed those extra pounds easily. I have been successful at avoiding soda, and juices and all those empty liquid calories that do not come in an alcohol, caffeine or a related vice form. I have been successful at losing 3 pounds back in 2010, and (yet again) successfully gained those back.

So today I took the first step for my “lose the pounds” goal by ordering the Body by Vi kit and taking the challenge. The challenge will be not only in the 90 days, but the days to follow. Is this really a practical lifestyle? Is it easy to transition from shake to healthy meals? Can I keep off the weight without the support of Vi? All these questions will be answered soon enough, it’s just all dependent on my standard shipping time.

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