Day 1

Yesterday I was welcomed home by a small package covered in the Body by Vi logo sitting on my doorstep. 

Since I had already planned, and bought ingredients, to make pesto for last nights dinner, I figured it was best if I waited until this morning to begin my 90 – day challenge. (The pesto sauce was delicious by the way.)

At this point in time I should post my measurements and weight, but I don’t own a measuring tape. Every time I go to Target to buy this measuring tape, I get distracted by the housewares department only to remember what I went there for in the first place after I have exited the building (and going back in is far too much work). But luckily, I do have access to a scale (that I too do not own). So after my delicious, no concern for calories pesto dinner last night, I weighed myself, and I am 133 pounds at  5’2” tall.

For my height, that weight seems like a lot; however, I do look good. Emphasis on the good. Would I like to weigh less even though I currently look exquisite? Why yes, yes I would; hence the reason I am here. 

My goal weight is to get down to 118 pounds (15 pounds less), but I am actually concerned that may be too skinny for me. I have hips and *booty that I’m just not willing to part ways with. So, if anything else, I would like to get down to a comfortable size 3 in pants. Why do I say comfortable you ask? Because I have a few size 3 jeans, that are stretch, and I have to squeeze into. I want a pair of size 3 jeans that requires no squeezing, stretching, crying, and thus, no shame every time I button and zip. 



* I’m not quite sure which word is most appropriate to use. Butt? Ass? Gluteus?  The problem with gluteus is that it implies I have more muscle than I actually do. And the other’s aren’t as friendly sounding as booty; less poetic if I might say.



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One thought on “Day 1

  1. Stephanie B. says:

    I love the booty footnote lol And I’m happy to hear you say that you look good, because that is the right mindset for something like this. I agree by the way, except I would use fabulous… or bootylicious 😉

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