The soy protein generation

It has been a week and a day since I’ve started my 90 day challenge, and I have lost three pounds.

I have to say, so far I am really impressed with the product. I make a smoothie in the morning that actually fills me up for hours. I still drink my morning coffee (a habit I am not ready to get rid of) and I still had a girls night out with drinks and junk food a few days ago. Though not healthy, however, I don’t feel like a robot or feel as if I’m missing out on life (which is how I did feel counting calories and eating low carb foods).

The one thing that did catch my eye with the protein powder, was soy protein as it’s first ingredient. I was surprised to see this, since I had heard soy protein can have a negative effect on men in particular. There is some substantial research stating soy protein can lower bad cholesterol levels, therefore, lowering chances of heart disease. But other studies have shown that soy protein can have a negative effects as well.

Without using the fancy scientific names, soy can raise an individuals estrogen level. In this Men’s Health article, it explains how one man started having similar symptoms to a menopausal woman, as well as started growing breast due to his high intake of soy products (hmmm…something I should consider trying). There was another study connecting high soy diets to dementia in people 65 years and older. It isn’t enough evidence to make a final conclusion, but it’s definitely worth being aware of.

So what does this mean for soy and soy based products? My opinion is everything is bad in excess (there’s a reason gluttony is one of the deadly sins). Now is soy and soy based products the super food we have been told it is? Honestly, I take peoples word on it instead of actually looking for verifiable evidence. I’ve been told soy is good for me and a super food, so I just automatically add it to my diet. “Oh it has anti-oxidants” what the hell does that even mean? I sadly don’t care enough to google it, but instead just drink acai berry flavored Jamba Juice and feel like I’ve done good for the day.

So while the Vi powder may rely on soy protein, I don’t necessarily think it’s bad or good; I do think it is a good idea to stay clear of other soy based products if you are taking this powder (especially if you’re male). Instead of mixing it with soy milk, use almond milk or nonfat milk, and avoid tofu for dinner. Otherwise, do your research if it is a concern; if you have any doubt, it’s best to avoid the product all together. From what I have read I am comfortable drinking the Vi shake twice a day, and I am actually happy with it thus far. I not only have lost weight, but I feel more energized and have noticed I am less lethargic during the work day.


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