Roughly a month down, but whose counting?

It has been almost a month since I started this Body by Vi journey. So far…I still like it. No doubt I do get hungry in between meals, but that’s nothing new. I noticed I do better having a meal for lunch, and then having the shake for dinner. I usually make a banana, almond-milk smoothie out of it, and at work I don’t have access to a blender, so drinking it just with the almond milk at lunch has yet to fill me up. 

I eat a lot though…and not the “eat a lot” as in “I’m trying to be a cute girl and say I eat a lot but in all reality a chip fills me up.” No, I wish, oh lord knows how I wish. I am more like “I’ve eaten a half of a large pizza to myself and will never speak of it to anyone” type eater. So for me, some almond milk and a couple scoops of powder is unlikely to salvage as a meal.

I am really bad guys. I still eat cheese and chocolate and snack while on my challenge. But since I have started, I do snack on healthier items like nuts (mind out of the gutter people) and an occasional handful of dark chocolate chips (studies have shown its good for the heart, so hush) and I do enjoy my can of Bud while playing Bocce on weekends (I score more points after I’ve loosened up a bit, so really it’s me helping my team). My point to this litany of mildly bad eating habits is – I have still lost weight without depriving myself of my cravings. 

I am a firm believer in never cutting something out of your diet completely. When I was 15 (which was, like, only five years ago) I dropped from 120 pounds to 108 pounds, and I only had to cut out 1500 calories from my diet. I never ate sweets, and stayed away from my beloved cheese. This lasted about six months until I finally cracked and just ate everything I had been depriving myself of for the previous six months. I went from 108 back to 120, then up to 128, and then plateaued at 140. I in fact weighed more than I had ever weighed in my life (freshmen 15 doesn’t count) and stayed that way until my adulthood. 

This is why I make sure to eat what I am craving. I know there is going to be a night out with the girls where we order fondue, and dessert, and I am going to feel guilty and not eat because it goes against my diet. Then I am going to crack and splurge on chocolate covered donuts. I don’t even like chocolate covered donuts people, but I foresee myself indulging.

I am really enjoying this challenge so far. I think it is a realistic diet and it has cut down the cost of my grocery list. If someone who eats half of a large pizza on the regular can be satisfied with this plan, I honestly think anyone will be happy with it and successful. 

Roughly month 1 done and over with, and 5/6 pounds lost! I weigh less than I have in 5 years (which means since I was 15)!

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