Body by Vi – The Scam?!

I had a discussion (via text) with my husband today about Body by Vi. He read a couple of online sources stating it was a scam. I had read an article about this before I started the program; I was not impressed.

The sources describing this shake as a scam are personal blogs and forums based primarily off of individual opinions. Does this mean these opinions aren’t worthy of being heard? No. Does it mean Body by Vi is a scam then? No.

It’s not so black and white.

Fact/Opinion 1: Body by Vi isn’t as healthy as they market it to be

This is kind of true. I was disappointed when I looked at the ingredients and couldn’t pronounce more than half. Body by Vi does claim to be a healthy diet alternative. A few complaints I read said this is no substitute to fruits and vegetables, and pardon me when I say, but no shit.

I’m sure there are people out there who truly believe this is a great substitute to fruit and veggies (which is a problem with their marketing and a genuinely good argument).I apologize for being so blunt, but nothing is healthier than the natural food itself.

This is just my opinion, but I do think this shake is a good alternative for people like me-people who have difficulty eating right, healthy, and fall off their diet plans. Being on the Vi plan, I am a lot more particular about what food I eat and where I go out to eat because I only have one solid meal a day, and I don’t want to waste it on fast food or instant food.

Fact/Opinion 2: Why do they need to entice people with a BMW? Body by Vi is a pyramid scheme

This is by no means a pyramid scheme. Back when I was in high school there was a company selling phone service. (Remember land lines?)  I had never even heard of it, and the company couldn’t give me any information about the prices. This was blatantly a pyramid scheme.

Body by Vi is not a pyramid scheme. Yes the people who sell the product make more money if they find others to sell the product. But in the end, there is a product to be sold, and also, everyone makes money. A pyramid scheme requires you to put in money to make money. Body by Vi has you purchase tax deductible products to sell. In the end, you’re getting money back, whether from a tax return or commission. A free BMW is just an incentive to top performers, no different from a bonus. Mary-Kay has used this same marketing technique for years. I trust my friend selling me a product more than I trust a commercial claiming a complete stranger lost 30 pounds in a day.

Opinion/Fact 3: Body by Vi shouldn’t make you pay with autopay

This does annoy me about the company. On the site you HAVE to sign up for autopay.  Apparently some people have complained about the difficulty of canceling this. It’s really no different than a gym membership though. There’s a reason they make you sign a contract, because they know you aren’t going to come. Body by Vi is still a company and they want your money; they will make sure you have jump through hoops to get it. Kind of like the government.

And come on guys, anyone with an amazon account can get this shake with autonomous bill pay.

Fact/Opinion 4: Body by Vi will not help you lose weight

To each their own. I’ve seen wight loss since I have done this diet. Not significant amount, which I like, but also enough where I want to stick with this program. And it’s hell of a lot easier than cooking dinner every night.

Fact/Opinion 5: Body by Vi is expensive

Compared to diet pills (which we’re not even going to get into the health hazards of those) and other shakes, Body by Vi pricing is competitive.

If you endured this entire post and actually made it to this point, I hope you realized the moral – do your research and make a decision for yourself. I hate seafood but I’m not going to start a biased blog about how detrimental it is to your health. (I really don’t get the appeal of seafood. “Oh, but it doesn’t taste like fish,” is the biggest lie I have ever heard in my life.)

This is another fad, and everything popular is going to have a fan base and unhappy critics, so skip through the opinions and look for the solid facts. Either people have lost weight or they haven’t. They have spent more money or less. They get more nutrients with this product or they don’t.

These are all unbiased questions to ask.

In the words of Tyler Durden, “Cut the foreplay and just ask.”

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