Fallen off the horse – is that the right phrase?

First I would like to prelude this post with the fact that I am writing this on my phone. This is a tactic new to me (in blog form) and I am notorious for missing simple typos on my two-square inches of visible written space.

My faithful followers, please do not judge.

This week was a rough one for my Vi diet. I had an uncontrollable urge to snack. Not even delicious snacks, but horrible-lacking taste snacking after work. You can call me weak, or a failure, but in the end, I am only human. And a female human at that. Any of my female humans can relate.

The cool thing is though, I stayed at my weight. Even with the excess caloric intake, I managed to keep off the pounds I had lost with the Vi diet.

This only motivates me more. Proof this diet can help me keep off the weight I lose.

So I am back on the horse (I am also notorious for wronging classic cliches, as well as inventing my own song lyrics to today’s top 100), and am even more serious than I was a month ago with this diet. To prove my faithfulness, I finally bought a scale.

I’ve been using my mom’s scale once a week. Problem with this is I tend to stay motivated if I can see my weight daily. So I stopped being cheap, and bought a scale on amazon. It is glass, electric, and quite sleek looking. I am truly born in the era of Gen Y and I finally have the scale to prove it and accompany my reduction of multiple syllable words to one sound (generation = gen; even further proof I am Gen Y).

This morning I weighed 126 right before my shower (if you know what I mean) and this will now act as my “controlled” weight; I hope to lose 8 more pounds from this number. (118 for my fellow English grads.)

Wish me luck, and let’s hope the next time I fall off the wagon (right?) I don’t waste it on Cheetos puffs and stale dry cereal.

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