California Calories

About a year ago I moved back to California after 3 wonderful years in Savannah Georgia. Since I’ve been back, I noticed calorie labels everywhere. You can’t order a glass of water without a number posted next to it.

A good friend and I were out to lunch and she educated me on the California proposition that was passed making every restaurant post the calorie content of every item.

At first I thought this was genius. I finally know how many calories I’m eating/drinking without estimating.

I miss my estimates.

On average my estimates were about 50 to 150 calories in my favor. Now I can’t go to Starbucks without contemplating whether or not my usual order of 3 years is suddenly worth the calories.

At first, I do admit, I thought this was a perfect way for me to balance eating-out to my diet. But no matter where I go, or what I order, it never justifies the ridiculous amount of calories listed on the menu.

Instead of feeling health conscious and savvy, I instead feel immediate guilt for a food item I just considered eating.

The end result is I end up ordering something with less calories (compared to other items on the menu), that’s still high in calories and less delicious.

I miss my life prior to the calorie conscious menus. I miss my life prior to sugary lattes with more than 50 calorie estimates. I miss my life prior to these calorie crazed menus.

There’s really no point to the post other than ignorance is bliss.

Please enjoy your next restaurant visit out; order the 3000 calorie cheeseburger and garlic fries; add a beer to top it off and in the end don’t regret it. I’ve noticed I get no where with my food regrets, and end up on a downward spiral to high calorie hell.

So next time I go out to eat, I will not pay attention to the calories, but instead, pay attention to my hunger. If I feel stuffed with 2/3 of the meal still on The plate, I will resist the urge to eat any further. Isn’t self-awareness a better way to diet than an arbitrary number on the menu?

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