The Oreo Cookie package

Now that Thanksgiving is over, it is time to find forgiveness for my “thankful” celebration in the gym. Admittedly, I didn’t eat as much as I had hoped (we’ll just say I’m getting too old to go out the night before Thanksgiving). I used the fact I didn’t divulge in comfort food as an excuse to not hit the gym.

But this post isn’t about my food confession (which somehow is what this blog has turned into), it is about achieving small daily goals with the help of Body By Vi powder.

I bought a package of Oreos to add to my white chocolate cheesecake (see below) for Thanksgiving dessert. I bought this package about a week prior to the big day, and I had a cookie or two prior to my baking. The real heroic story here is, that package still resides comfortably in my pantry. Almost two weeks with a pack of Oreos, and I have yet to eat them all.

This may not seem like a big deal to most of you, but I purposely avoid buying packaged snacks to avoid the disappointment I feel after two days of indulging with nothing left to spare. My usual routine is eating 3/4 of the package on day 1, then feeling guilty and saving a little bit for the next day, always to come back to the snack on day 2 with sadness because the portion is too tiny to enjoy.

However, this did not happen for me this time. Even after using several cookies for baking, I still have cookies left two weeks later.

I think everyone should take a moment and embrace these little achievements, especially during the holidays. It’s not about the journey but the steps you take to getting there. (Pretty sure mis-quoting old expressions aren’t going to help me get publish; however, I prefer my versions better. Think of them as “updated”…I am also interested in marketing.)

Now the next question is, how does the Vi powder relate to any of this?

Well it doesn’t.

Just kidding.

Even though I may skip a day or two of my Vi powder, I really can’t get over how it’s helped me portion control and I thank that package of Vi for the package of Oreos still in my pantry.


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