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A different tune

If you’re keeping tabs with me (which I am completely aware of just how important I am to you all who read this) I’ve failed at my New Years resolution of writing often.

But it’s never too late, and it’s not without good reason.

Daily my brothers girlfriend has been posting pictures of amazing meals on her instagram. Each picture-meal plate is filled with ingredients from the 1992 food pyramid, (as far as I’m concerned, the one they should of just stuck with. Keep it simple people…keep it simple) and are low in calories.

As I looked at her heart healthy meals while eating my chili cheese fries from nations, it dawned on me…the chili cheese fries really weren’t satisfying me and I would if rather had what she’s having.

Why was I wasting these calories on this hardly healthy meal?

So I asked her for a little advice, and she helped guide me to the path of proper-food balanced meals.

Whole grains – Check
Lots of meat – Check
Veggies – Check
Cheese from a cube – Check, and stoked I still get to eat cheese.

I thought it would be expensive shopping with these restrictions; however, my food bill was the exact same amount I spend every two weeks.

Score (that’s me saying it while doing the fist movement – when bringing the elbow back and the white guy lip bite)

So I’ve completely abandoned the Vi powder.

For now.

I am going to try this new plan for few days.
Perhaps 90?
And get back with comparisons of this diet plan with the Vi powder diet plan.

I will actually post pictures of my progress as well, instead of you all just taking my word for it.

The one thing I cannot, nor will, give up is my coffee and creamer. I pretty sure Creme brûlée creamer will be a part of next years food pyramid.

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