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I’ve failed

I realized I haven’t posted anything in two months: partly because I’ve been living a fantastic life, and the main part is because I haven’t been strict with this diet.

If you’ve learned anything about me from this blog, you’ve probably learned I am terrible with self discipline.

On a positive note, I am now 27 and loving my thighs more than ever before in my life. I have finally started focusing on “buns” and “thigh” workouts at the gym. They still aren’t photogenic, but they’ve untied with their friend hamstring and hopefully glute minimus and medius will move in soon.

As far as the “clean” eating goes… It’s been difficult to stay on track due to the celebration of my birth as well as celebrating St. Patrick within the same two week time span. As far as April goes, I’ve been dedicated to my social life and haven’t focused on the diet.


I have been staying away from packaged foods. I still go out to eat and cave on my Hazelnut latte (Starbucks bastards have me in their pockets), but as far as eating snacks like chips, crackers, trail mix etc. I’ve been successful at staying away from those packaged foods.

I haven’t lost weight, but I’ve maintained, and I’ve had some added health benefits.

Lately I’ve had adult acne. It’s been an ongoing problem, but once I started prepping all my meals, I have had clearer skin. (Knock on wood.)

There’s been a few other health benefits of the lady kind, and I am not as hungry during the day when I opt for a Greek yogurt snack or a piece of fruit.

But in the weight loss department, I’ve failed 100%. My goal is to get more toned, and I haven’t applied myself to the gym or the diet (I’m telling you, my birthday really messed up my dedication).

So I am determined to find what works for me. Obviously the Body By Vi was too boring, and the clean eating a little too strict.

I finally get to have a wedding after five years of Marriage in June (due to the military we were unable to have a ceremony). My goal is to be more toned for the wedding. Not necessarily lose weight, but just look damn good in my dress.

I am going to find the happy medium between my lifestyle and the “healthy” lifestyle. So far eating three meals a day works, I just need to tweak it so I can still enjoy my dinner with my girlfriends but still see results at the end of the week.

Even though I’m not quite where I would like to be in the weight category, I have had a few positive changes, and it just goes to show even if something doesn’t work for you completely, there’s still something positive to take from it.

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