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I may of done something stupid

Have you ever had a friend ask you to sign up for a Spartan race and you say,

“Sure friend, that will give us something new to do.”

And then you spend over a hundred dollars on admittance to the race, and then you decided to finally research it and see what it’s all about.

A little advice: research first then think about it really hard, and only then – ONLY THEN – should you consider buying your spot.

Basically what I’m saying is… What the hell did I get myself into?

The only race available in Northern California was the beast race. This consist of 12+ miles and 25 obstacles. If you don’t do an obstacle you then have to do 30 burpees.

Back in my basic training days I could do 100 burpees (you jump down into push-up position, then jump back up) with my vest on (of the-heavy plated bullet proof sort) with no problem.

Mind you this was six years ago and early twenties.

So I did 30 burpees the other night.

Within the first 10 I was hating life.

I really can’t tell you what the moral of this post is. Maybe I should think before I commit. This is, after all, how I joined the Army (of the reserve sort) in the first place.

In a way I’m pumped for the race. I could care less if I get a good time or even beat anyone, but I’m pumped for the camaraderie of it. Out of the few videos I found (spartan courses are kept secret) a few did show people helping each other over very large walls.

This is the one thing I miss from basic training: people coming together and “sucking”. Embrace the suck has become my catch phrase for everyday life.

Traffic jam – embrace the suck
Grumpy clients – embrace the suck
All out of vanilla syrup for my Carmel macchiato – embrace the suck

It really works in any context.

Needless to say, I’m committed now. My friend and I are trying to start a team, so if anyone is interested, please let me know.

If I learned anything from my delayed research it is that marathon runners have a hard time with this race.

That’s fantastic news as I do not run marathons or even long distance, so it’s as if part of my training has already started.

I’ll keep you updated on my training regiment and diet plan. Unfortunately I think the red velvet cookies won’t help me retain any sort of energy for the race.

In the end my goal is to get through the entire race AND not throw up.

You can basically apply that to any context in life too.

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Red velvet cookie diet

For once I have some positive news: I’ve been consistent with working out two weeks in a row.

Granted this is only day two of my week two, but it still counts in my book.

The real accomplishment my friends, is last week I actually looked forward to my workouts. Maybe this week that desire will trickle in later, but it’s an accomplishment regardless.

 I have also been successful at eating less, but this is primarily due to the fact I have been eating an abundance of red velvet cookies with white chocolate chips. I blame Safeway for their affordable sweets, and my grandmother who had a birthday party last Sunday where the cookies were supposed to provide enjoyment to the many guests. 

Somehow they are still on my kitchen counter top. (Well…half of them anyways.)

Because of these high caloric delectable treats, I’ve made myself go to the gym last week and last night. 

Also, they have (and will) replace breakfast until they are no longer on my counter top. 

Since I went to the gym four days last week and again last night, I’ve already seen a difference in my stomach. I’m not a nutritionist, but I don’t think the cookies are to thank for the very faint lines in my belly. You are more than welcome to try this tactic, but I wouldn’t recommend it.

Instead I would recommend step two of my two-step lines in belly process: run a quick mile. At the start of my gym time, I go on the treadmill and begin with a slow walk. Usually this takes two to four minutes depending on my level of laziness from the workday earlier. I don’t just walk however, I use the time to stretch my shoulders and arms. I call this multitasking as well as disguising my laziness to the gym folks around me.


The details are boring of my one mile run, but I usually end up at 8.2 (which at 5’2” makes me feel like a cheetah). This warm-up takes about 10-11 minutes of my total workout, and my lower stomach reaps the benefits. (Is that the right phrase?)

I will be consistent for the rest of the week, and then next week I will post side by side belly pictures of my Vi tummy (technical term), clean eating tummy, and my cookie/running warm-up tummy.

The most important thing I have learned in my adulthood is compromise is key. If I am unable to devote my diet to a powder, or eat solely unprocessed foods, I am willing to find the middle ground. As of right now, that middle ground could possibly be eating less, eating healthier, as well as eating as many red velvet, white chocolate chip cookies as I please, but ONLY if I can go to the gym the same night and break out in a decent sweat. 

 I don’t know about you guys, but I have a good feeling about this one. 

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