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Remember that time when I use to review

A lot has happened these past few months. 

I finally had the wedding of my dreams with my husband of five years. Due to the military we were never able to set a date because, well, Army doesn’t care if you have a wedding set… war comes first.

Go figure.

It was a little backyard shindig with the people I love the most, and a mimosa bar. 

Best idea ever.

Not only was the wedding higher than my expectations, but, I looked fab in my gown.

Now I apologize for the cockiness, but I feel every girl needs that moment to just be completely self-involved for her wedding day.

And this girl finally got to have it.

In the mean time, I have been training for this so called Spartan Beast Race. Admittedly not as much as I should, but I have found a few workouts I like from the daily WOD they send via email and wanted to share one with you today.

Each week I’ll try and post one that I’ve done and recommend. As much as I procrastinate on working out, no feeling compares to the post-workout push. 

Below is a WOD I did about a month ago (I know, I know, that’s a long time ago. I am just so terrible with commitment).


I believe I may of done a 1/2 mile jog. I’m a terrible liar, so I refuse to play off like I remember what exactly it is I did.

Main Set:

Burpees/Air Squats


I alternated sets of Burpees and Air Squats, which totaled 110 Burpees and Squats (and yes, I just now took out my calculator to do this complicated arithmetic).

I am too cheap to purchase an arm band for my iphone for music, so I keep the phone in my hand while doing Burpees.

Although I look silly, and I have to be gentle when I go back down into the push-up position, this strategy does help me keep a consistent pace. Plus I don’t have to worry about ugly arm flab from the damn strap.

You think they would have a more attractive solution for us ladies with decent, but not solid, triceps.

The Air Squats were a good way for my to catch up on my breath, but still keep my heart rate up, and plus, help maintain my minimal definition in my quads.

So you start off with one Burpee, followed by one Air Squat. Then two Burpees and two Air Squats. You continue to 10 then work your way back down.

And, some further good news not related to any topic above…

My job has trusted me with their instagram page. Surprisingly, I have stayed committed to taking photos and posting on my days off as well. My favorite part is writing the cheesy captions.

But if you could help a girl out and follow the page, maybe one day I could make this writing thing a full-time gig.

And yes…

be committed to it. 

Follow sonnenvw on instagram. 

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