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“Productive Procrastination”

Monday’s are my Sundays: I get to lounge around, run a few errands, and hit the gym midday to avoid crowds.

At least I try to hit the gym midday to avoid crowds.

Instead of hitting the gym midday to avoid crowds this past “my Sunday” Monday, I decided it was time to bake that pumpkin bread I had planned on baking last October.

Perfect timing.

I like to call this technique “productive procrastination”: I may of procrastinated on working out, but I still baked pumpkin bread, cheesecake brownies (from scratch), made sloppy joes, and several chicken breast.

I haven’t cooked that much since our July 4th party back in 2012.

By the time I was done “productively procrastinating” (come on people, help me catch this on), it was prime-crowded time for the gym. So I looked through my Spartan WOD emails and stumbled across one I could do at home. Granted I was supposed to add a couple miles worth of jogging, but it was dark outside and just wasn’t safe in my quiet, small town, suburban neighborhood.

Below is this weeks recommend WOD:

10 push-ups

10 lunges (I did five each leg)

10 burpees

10 seated dips

10 mountain climbers

10 squats

20 crunches

The email said to perform this set 1-10 times depending on skill level. I did the first set as a warm-up. For the main set I used a 20 pound dumbbell with my lunges and squats. I held the dumbbell over my head during the lunges, and centered it below my hips during my squats.

I liked the routine because the burpees are in the beginning, and once those were done, each set went by fairly quickly. However, I somehow figured I needed to pluck my eyebrows in the middle of set five. This is one of the risk you take when opting to workout at home. It was then I decided I needed to finish that set and call it quits for the night.

So there you have it; an easy at home workout for your “productively procrastination” days.
Til next time friends!

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WOD – totally ready for the Spartan Race

I’ve decided to post two weeks in a row (I think it’s been two weeks at least) .

It’s amazing how productive one can be while bored at work.

Not only am I being creatively productive, but I am risking everything being on this website during work hours.I know. I know, I’m so dangerous.

Speaking of dangerous, I have been going to the gym regularly. Now I know what your thinking, “Rikki, how is that dangerous.”Well it’s not, I am just lacking a creative transition

As promised, I said I would try a recommended workout provided by the Spartan Race WOD emails. Below is the most recent WOD I tried. This is what I was supposed to do:

Main Set
Run 1/2 mile
20 Burpees
50 lunges (each leg)
3 min. plank

Run 1/2 mile
40-40jumping jacks (total of 80)
40-40 pushups (total of 80)
80 air squats
1 min. side plank (each side)

Repeat 5x if signed up for the Beast race

Below is what I actually did:

Main Set
Jogged 1/4 mile
20 Burpees
50 lunges (each leg)
1 min plank

Jogged 1/4 mile
40-40 jumping jacks (this was my rest)
40 push-ups (screw the other 40)
80 air squats
Made executive decision to forgo the side planks



Needless to say, I was a little overly ambitious with this weeks WOD choice.
In my defense I do work until 7:00pm and then have to commute 35 miles, so I just wasn’t in the mood to stay late at the gym. My version of this WOD still took 45 min.

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m totally ready for this race.

So my new goal is to actually do this WOD by the end of next week. I don’t care if it takes me all day; I will get it done. Maybe not the 80 pushups; that’s just over kill, and my arms don’t need to get any bigger than they already are (because, you know, I’m so buff).

Til next week my friends!

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