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The life-saving core

I recently took a job jumping into dumpsters. As glamorous as it sounds, please don’t be jealous quite yet. 

I don’t know how many of you know this, but most dumpsters are 5’2”. Just like my height. 

What a coincidence!

When throwing large, heavy, trash bags into a dumpster your height, it can be physically demanding. It takes the ability to lift, balance, and (not to mention) the agility to keep it from hitting you in the face. 

I would also have to throw these large, heavy, trash bags into dumpsters six feet away from the back of my little Nissan pickup. (Nissan has not paid me to mention them in this post). Now what does this have to do with core you ask? I’m almost positive I would be dead in Hell if I had not relied on my core strength. Okay, death and Hell may be an exaggeration. But when you are forced to lift other people’s trash near your face and risk remnants of kitty litter, old soda, and unknown cooking oils splashing back on you, it feels a lot like how I imagine Hell:


Maintaining a tight stomach helped me keep my balance while on top of the dumpsters filled with mountain ranges of trash bags. It also helped me gain momentum to throw the bags filled with my lost hopes and dreams across multiple bins. I would sometimes mix it up and use my glutes (along with my core) to lift the really heavy bags up. I would use these techniques while reminding myself I have a college degree and served this country. 

If it wasn’t for my core strength, this physical job would have been far more physically draining. I hardly had to go to the gym since I was getting a wicked trash workout in, and I never suffered any injury (well, serious injury). Your core is a beautiful, powerful, and necessary tool to your body. Don’t ignore it. Use it for the most mundane task. I promise you’ll be pleasantly surprised. 

As far my job…

I found a new one in an office not within the trash industry.

The real lesson here: never trust a middle aged man with a small “environmental” business when he tells you that you won’t have to touch trash.

Til next time friends!


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