The Redemption – Another yoga pant story

This past weekend my small town was infested by zombies.

Some were dressed up as Bonnie & Clyde, bumble bees, and doctors; others were simply in normal civilian clothes with blood.

I was a mix of both.

This was for a brew crawl in my small-downtown hometown.

I just really wanted to make that rhyme.

I was originally just going to go for the brewskis, but my lady friends were all dressing up, and I felt the need to follow the crowd because I’m weak and succumb easily to peer pressure.

I decided to go for a rockabilly chick look. I thought it would be easy and inexpensive. Then I would just add blood to make myself into a zombie.

Clearly I’m super creative.

Luckily the 90s style has come back and finding a plaid shirt was incredibly easy, but I had to figure out what type of pants to wear.

I considered buying a new pair of skinny jeans, but the idea of being in tight pants while drinking beer all afternoon sounded incredibly uncomfortable. And quite possibly painful. So I decided to do the one thing I’ve preached against in a prior post – I bought a pair of cheap yoga pants.

The moment I put these babies on, I could immediate see my skin through the fabric.

No bending necessary.

That should be the brands tagline.

As much as I despise see-through yoga pants, I made sure my 90s style plaid shirt was long enough to cover my ass. Since, well, “no bending necessary”.

The day of the brew crawl I got a lot of compliments on my zombie costume. However, I was mistaken for Rosie the Riveter instead of a Rockabilly chick,
and I got asked to do this pose a lot:


I guess it’s close enough.

As I stood in line waiting for beer, I would squat, lift my knees up, fidget freely in my “no bending necessary” yoga pants.

I felt so free and alive without the restriction of a tight waistline.

As I stood in line waiting for beer, I announced to my friends my satisfaction of my investment in my cheap yoga pants.

As I stood in line waiting for beer, making this announcement to my friends, a random zombie passing by said “I wish I made that investment too” as she messed with her waistline.

So with this said ladies and gentlemen, I retract my original claim of how much I hate cheap yoga pants. This prior weekend they came through without disappointment.

Now what does this have to do with fitness you ask? Well, thanks to my TRX , DUT, and killer core classes, I have the confidence to shamelessly wear “no bending necessary” yoga pants in public.

You know, like, in front of people.

Working out regularly boosted my confidence enough to try something I was initially opposed to.

Trying something new and feeling confident in “no bending necessary” pants. I would say that is quite the accomplishment for one weekend.

And just for funsies – here are some photos of the zombies.

‘Til next time friends!





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One thought on “The Redemption – Another yoga pant story

  1. Stephanie says:

    Love it! Looking very sexy btw ❤

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