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Chubbier Cheeks 

I can’t seem to shed these few pounds I have gained over the last year. My mom says it is because I am happy now. 

Is happiness really worth the slightly tighter jeans and chubbier looking cheeks in photos?

But she is right, I am a lot happier now; that’s partly why I don’t post on this thing like I use to. 

I started this blog as a means to continue writing while I looked for writing gigs; it quickly became a need of affirmation.

I was in a relationship where I didn’t get encouragement with my writing. I was told I had bad grammar and spelling when I asked my ex what he thought of my blog. Although I appreciated the constructive criticism, I really needed to hear “good job”.  This isn’t to say my marriage was bad. Because it wasn’t. It was just lacking this one very important aspect, so I used this blog as metaphorical compensation. 

I want to thank everyone who has taken the time to read this silly thing. Who has shared, liked, and followed it. It filled a slight void I hadn’t realized I was missing. 

I’m still going to write occasionally in this, but I don’t need it like I use to. My confidence in my ability to write isn’t dependent on the views I get. My love for writing really has become a personal endeavor with therapeutic journal entries; with short writing prompts where I can make myself laugh; with nonlinear plot lines. I realize I no longer need an audience to write, and I no longer need to write to escape. 

Much like this blog I’ve evolved, and I’m still evolving. I have so much self discovering to do (not the sexy kind) and so many new experiences ahead. This blog came during a very different time of my life and helped masked some very confusing, sad feelings. 

I’ll make an appearance every now and again on this thing, but only for nostalgic purposes. The girl who started this blog isn’t around anymore. But she helped get me where I am now:

Tighter jeans and happy. 

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