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It’s been awhile (in the melody of that one Staind song)

Hello beautiful people!

I believe my last post was about the Diet Bet challenge I committed six months to prior to the holidays and ended on my 30th birthday.

Here’s the update.

I lost interest after month one.

But that doesn’t mean it wasn’t effective. Because it was in the back of my mind, I did make mental notes of my eating habits and commit into a few extra workouts a week. And by few I mean two.

I got back down to my normal weight which I give more credit to moving out of my mom’s (I’d like to note, before I turned 30) and not going out on dates with my awesome winemaker boyfriend four times a week.

I didn’t have to add in the winemaker part, but I feel it is imperative to our relationship and our drunken conversation the night we met which lead to a text message by me to him the following day. I didn’t remember his name, the way he looked (besides his lumberjack beard – which we all know is the manliest of beards), or where we even met, but I did remember the fact he was a winemaker.

So why am I back? I am back because A. I miss writing in this silly little blog and B. shameless self promotion.

I am now in a big kid job, which honestly scares the crap out of me (figuratively not literally). My new title is Marketing and Sales Coordinator. Writing about FSAs, the new Overtime Regulation, and tip-shraing, gave me the itch to write in my own personal blog for funsies AND send a link to the workplace blog.

So if you have time, help your girl out and read the more anecdotal post I published yesterday. It’s similar to my personal blog with the exception of chat about my unsuccessful fitness journey and beard-mentioning hot men.

Thank you all for your support! I’m so excited to be back!

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