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The final weigh in

On Friday I fell asleep while eating a cookie.

Not my proudest moment. Although, in my defense, not my worst.

So that was the beginning of the end for my three-week weight loss challenge.

Today was final weigh in, and I had not made any real attempt to lose weight or even workout.

I think I averaged one workout a week.

One being a deceivingly difficult trampoline class.

You don’t jump up; instead you push down.

What does that even mean?!

And how did someone manage to take the fun out of jumping on trampolines?!

To recap: I had three weeks to lose 10 pounds. I invested $40. If I succeeded, I got double my investment back. If I failed, I lost everything (except for the weight).

Three weeks ago I weighed in at 145.

Today ladies and gentlemen….

Drumroll. ..

Mas drumroll…

Drumroll is not nearly as effective on paper…


That was my weight today. I don’t know if I prefaced that properly.

In the end I didn’t get $80 or even my initial $40 back, but I did get four dollars per pound lost. Which means I only lost $16.

It is probably for the best, because I’ve wanted this cat clock for awhile and it happens to cost as much as the competition.

It’s stupid. I don’t need it, and I have absolutely no good place for it.

So really, I saved $16.

Welp, that’s a wrap on my latest fitness endeavour.

I’ll keep you posted on my holiday weight fluctuations so y’all know you’re not alone.

Til next time!

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