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Treasure hunt -wait that’s a thing?

Living in California during the midst of a major drought means great opportunities to hike in 70 degree weather in the beginning of April. 

This is not to say I am insensitive to the drought. In fact, I haven’t washed my car in nearly a year. It is to say, I will seize the day and venture out in all the beauty California has to offer. 

This is, of course, after I nursed my hangover with a food truck kimchi grilled cheese. 

Because I have grand plans of being active every Saturday, and yet, every Saturday I tend to somehow end up with wine, I got my lazy ass hiking last weekend thanks to Geocaching. 

I have to admit, I had never heard of this before and was convinced my friends were just saying a random set of syllables together. But it is, in fact, a real thing as well as a convient app on my phone:

Download the app, click on a green dot, follow the clues and gps coordinates to some random treasure a random person hid. 

Part of the reason I was so amused by this concept was because my friends who told me about it were on beach cruisers downtown looking for geocaches. The idea of three adults riding around on bikes looking for small trinkets really made me happy. 

So last Saturday I finally was active thanks to this Geocache app. Not to brag, but I found the first Geocache amongst my team of three:

First member was my neice whom I allowed to wear flip flops on a hike because I am an adult, and I trusted that a 12 year old could hike in flip flops because she said so. 

Her mediocre superpower is the ability to walk through any terrain in subpar footwear. (You have to imagine these introductions with capes). 

Then there was Tankman. A 38 pound Boston terrier who seems to never calm down even despite his dog years of 42. His superpower is the ability to get distracted by any reflection or shadow on the ground. 

Then there was Jon, the Tankman wrangler. A very important skill to have as Tank is my dog and tends to walk me on these hikes. 

Then there’s me who holds the power of positivity. If we went in the wrong direction to find a geocache, it was okay because I would point out to my fellow sidekicks the beautiful views that layed in front of us. 

What usually was a four mile hike, turned into a seven mile hike and exploration of new territories. 

The point of all this you ask? Physical activity doesn’t always have to be a hard workout or boring. And it’s okay to eat a fatty sandwich before your Saturday  hike 😉 

You only live once afterall. 


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