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Is the smaller box of Cheez-Its considered diet?

I said I would post daily on this thing. 

That was six days ago. 

In the true fashion of not upholding to my word, I had to slack off for a few days. 

The weigh-in for my work’s weightloss challenge was last Thursday. I made sure to drink plenty of water right before. 

I’m hoping that’s why this 5’2 lady had the number 145 light up on the scale. 

Maybe I DO need to diet?

Ugh, I really like my waistline, so I’m not feeling any pressure – or motivation. 

Although, I still have $40 on the line to lose 10 pounds.

I’ll give you my current progess:

That is a photo of my best friend and I at Zombie Brew Crawl last Saturday.

Or is it my best friend and me?

 No one knows. 

The face I am making perfectly illustrates my feelings for dieting. 
Here’s another photo to redeem myself:

Look at them guns!
Anyways, as you can see in the photo, I have a tiny glass of beer. Times that by three hours and mutiple tiny glasses – I had a lot of beer that day. 

Needless to say, week one of the diet wasn’t productive. 

Unless you count the fact I bought a tiny box of Cheez-Its instead of the full, grown-up size box for lunch. 

Then week one diet was a success. 

I’ll keep you posted on week two. 

Til next time friends!

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Diet Bet – your review┬á

Remember  when this was a review blog? 

Probably not. It was back in 2013 when I was a young blogger with big hopes and dreams. 

But now I’m a little less naive and realize the Internet is full of many reviews and most of them are just personal opionions I appreciate but can’t rely on. 

That’s when I got this brilliant idea to post a review of the Diet Bet game. 

Brief synopsis: Diet Bet is a website/app where you can sign up for a six month program to lose 10% of your body weight. You place a certain amount of money each month with a group of friends, and whoever meets the goal splits the pot of money. 

Our team is The Zipper Rippers and we are waging $10 per month. Right now we have a pot of $610 to split for whoever reaches the goal of losing 10% of their body weight by March. 

Here’s the thing, if I write a review it’s just my opinion and it doesn’t really benefit any of you. Instead, I invite you all to play with my friends and I!

Here’s a link to our game: http://diet.bt/fykDe0

Check it out. I personally am a sucker for a sense of community, so the more the merrier. And in the end, instead of reading my opionion in the game, you can make up your mind for yourself. 

Create your own review ­čÖé

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