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The new year new me blah blah blah

So it’s been awhile since I’ve posted. It’s like December didn’t even exist.

I slacked off a lot my good friends – I’m in week two of just snacking. Part of me had hoped I was pregnant just to justify my inability of self-control.

But I’m not pregnant, however the woman at the target check-out line was excited for me when I purchased the test.

So the holidays were a bust. I snacked, I worked out maybe twice a week (which is better than not at all) and my favorite hobby was turning on the Christmas tree lights, sitting in front of my television, and cuddling with the dogs on my couch.

The problem is, I don’t feel guilty. I gained back the little weight I had originally loss, but I’m okay with it. To be honest, if it wasn’t for television and Victoria secret models, I would never even try to lose weight in the first place. I like my hips, my booty and the way I look in dresses. I could use some help (admittedly) in the upper region of my body, but I have yet to find a shake to assist with that problem.

The problem is, I’m confident and like the way I look. I’m not out if shape, I could eat healthier, but beyond that, I’m actually happy.

I’ve been as little as 108 pounds and as big as 148 on my 5’2 frame. I was actually more happy at 148 than 108. I learned a long time ago that it doesn’t matter what the scale says, really all that matters is how confident I am.

148 is a little big for my frame (I have chipmunk cheeks at that weight), but my point is that it is all about how you feel about yourself. I am guilty of comparing myself to skinny girls. Even when I was 108 I had these dreaded thighs. You can’t change biology.

The reason I bring this up now is because it is New Years and people seem to associate a New Year to new opportunity. And as much as I like the romance behind this, today really is no different than yesterday. What gave you the courage to start a new diet/exercise or health plan on New Years has always been in you.

My New Years resolution has nothing to do with weight loss or the Vi product, but instead has to do with my procrastination and fear of not being good enough, and procrastinating on starting my life. I love writing, and nothing makes my day more than seeing a complete stranger has viewed this blog. Someone took the time out of their life to read the nonsense I have written.

I did slack off on December on this blog, but I can’t help but feel my job here is done. I like the Vi product, I recommend it for people who want to eat healthier, and it’s actually quite easy to maintain. But as far as this blog goes, I think the slacking off is a sign I need to go back to my roots -creative writing.

With that said, if I were to stop this blog then it would completely contradict my entire procrastination on life statement I made earlier. Instead I’m actually going to be adamant about keeping up with this thing and finding new angles on this Vi topic.

Bottom line, don’t wait til the New Year for the new you. Start today! I am 15 days into the New Year and I’m finally beginning my resolution. Even though mine isn’t necessarily about weight loss, it is about confidence. I need the confidence to just start writing, and stop comparing myself to other writers.

I also just want to thank everyone who does read this; it honestly brings tears to my eyes knowing people like my writing (I know, I’m such a girl). Please I would love to hear about everyone’s New Years resolutions, it’s never too late. And I assure everyone I will keep up with this blog (as well as a few creative stories on the side) and be less of a slacker.

And I hope everyone had an amazing end to 2012!

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The 90 day review

It’s been 90 days since I started the challenge and here are my thoughts.

My goal was 118 pounds.
I am 11 pounds from that goal.
Does this mean the shake is a failure? No.
Because I didn’t follow the guidelines as directed.
And I enjoy beer.

So does this mean I’m a failure?
Because I have never been this diligent about any diet (even if I didn’t follow it exactly), and I still found some favorable results while not giving up a nice, cold Pyramid Apricot Wheat Ale fresh from the tap (if you haven’t had one, you haven’t lived).

The question now is, what exactly did I accomplish if I didn’t reach my goal?
To be honest, I kind of used the shake as an excuse to not work out regularly. If I was diligent with working out and taking the shake, I probably would of seen more results.

Two weeks ago I finally caved in and signed up for a 24 hour fitness membership. I was stubborn before and figured I could use the great outdoors as my gym. Turns out, however, I don’t enjoy cold weather and have a constant paranoia of a dirty, unattractive, greasy man waiting around for my oblivious, vulnerable, tired presence after a work out.

Now that I’ve been going to the gym regularly AND drinking the shake, I’ve noticed my body has toned up quicker than usual.

The real surprise with this is I am seeing my thighs grow muscle. I spent 10 weeks in basic training, and never saw these results. I am going to thank Vi for this new addition of muscle mass to my body’s muscle family.

Another bonus is I eat less. I don’t feel as hungry as use to, and I get full quicker.

The real win is I feel a difference in my clothes.

So even though I didn’t meet my 90 day goal, I definitely have had a successful run with the Vi powder.

My 90 days may be up, but I’m not done with Vi. I will continue taking the powder once a day and make it a habit to work out regularly. After 90 days of this method I will compare it to my first 90 (two meal substitutions and little working out) and see which one has more rewarding effects.

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Haven’t posted for a bit… Either I’m dead or haven’t seen any results

It has been over a week since my last post. Since I’m here writing this, I’m assuming you have figured out I am not dead. Thus meaning, I haven’t lost any more weight.

I am still at the same weight I was over a week ago. I have a few confessions to make.

I decided to make one of my wonderful co-workers cookies for her bday. I went with the peanut butter cookie topped with a Hersey kiss. Classic, simple cookies with above average flavor and texture. (I’m big on texture.) I bought a bag of kisses and a bag of hugs. I wanted her to know she was worthy of both (not necessarily from me. I don’t know her that well yet). So I ended up with an abundance of hugs and kisses, and have had no other choice but to eat these delicious affectionate treats.

Serving size is reasonable, and calories aren’t terrible, but I’ve been eating them like tic tacs, and I can’t help but think this is why I have not loss anymore weight or gotten minty fresh breath.

So here is my vow to you my faithful followers (all two of you), I will stay clear of the chocolate lusts, and limit myself to two a day. This is just a fraction of what I’ve been guilty of, and I am too ashamed to share with you that number.

My second confession: I am currently at Starbucks, on my break, writing this while drinking a 380 calorie drink. I ordered it thinking oh a new fall drink! Salted caramel mocha. Sounds delicious and couldn’t possibly be more calories than the caramel macchiato. Oh, but it is. 200 calories more to be exact.

But I am enjoying it and I regret nothing.

With all this negativity in this post, I do have to shed light on my accomplishments. I have signed up for a half marathon in San Francisco, and can now comfortably jog 4 miles (improved from my 3 mile comfort jog) and did 6 miles at high noon last week. Not nearly as comfortable, and I’m dreading this weeks long jog, but still a goal I have reached!

So my Vi journey is not over, and now I am finally working out regularly-if this was based a point system instead of weight-loss scale, I would be kicking ass with the amount of points I’ve earned- ‘Til next week my friends.

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