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Because a standard push up isn’t difficult enough

Surprise surprise: I have been slacking on my word to try a new Spartan WOD every week. I am a huge fan of excuses, so I’ll give you one. 

I had an abnormal amount of energy during one of my workdays, so I opted for lunch-break jog instead of my regular break-time stroll in BEVMO. Admittedly I felt slightly douchebaggy for changing into my gym clothes midday and jogging around my work’s neighborhood, but I didn’t let that bring me down. I ran two miles under 19 minutes and did 100 squats in the bathroom while watching the door that does not lock and hoping none of my coworkers would catch me in my sports bra and yoga pants squatting in front of the mirror. 

I felt pumped. I never have energy during work, and I never workout during my lunch. Fast forward 24 hours, and I had a stuffy nose, my voice is a sexy-octave lower, and I am suddenly weak.

I blame it on my run.

So needless to say, I’ve been slacking.

I am finally feeling better, and I have started to hit the gym regularly again this week. Although I have yet to do a full Spartan WOD, I have been taking a few of the recommended exercises and adding them to my routines. One in particular is called the “Dive Bomber Push Up”. 

For this push up you do not want a flat back, but instead have your butt in the air in an upside down V-shape. Luckily for me I decided to try this exercise in my new skin-tight yoga pants and got a record amount of looks at the gym. 

Once in a V-shape, you want to slide your body down without hitting the floor, and arch your back as if you are a sexy mermaid. The only difference between me and the mermaid is the amount of strain in my face, and the unattractive grimace of pain. 

Here is a link to the instructions: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=66-v0AaANHk

This push up is extremely challenging, but I can’t help but love it. I’ve been trying to do three sets of 10; usually by number six I need a break. I feel this exercise in my arms, stomach, back, chest and the weird little muscle that goes down my side and I’ll assume it’s the latissimus dorsi: commonly known as the lat(s).

I am getting a little bit better with this exercise and can finally do a full set of 10 without taking a break from my position. 

So there’s a review of something at least. I am a little too unmotivated to end with a clever conclusion.

Till next time friends!


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“Productive Procrastination”

Monday’s are my Sundays: I get to lounge around, run a few errands, and hit the gym midday to avoid crowds.

At least I try to hit the gym midday to avoid crowds.

Instead of hitting the gym midday to avoid crowds this past “my Sunday” Monday, I decided it was time to bake that pumpkin bread I had planned on baking last October.

Perfect timing.

I like to call this technique “productive procrastination”: I may of procrastinated on working out, but I still baked pumpkin bread, cheesecake brownies (from scratch), made sloppy joes, and several chicken breast.

I haven’t cooked that much since our July 4th party back in 2012.

By the time I was done “productively procrastinating” (come on people, help me catch this on), it was prime-crowded time for the gym. So I looked through my Spartan WOD emails and stumbled across one I could do at home. Granted I was supposed to add a couple miles worth of jogging, but it was dark outside and just wasn’t safe in my quiet, small town, suburban neighborhood.

Below is this weeks recommend WOD:

10 push-ups

10 lunges (I did five each leg)

10 burpees

10 seated dips

10 mountain climbers

10 squats

20 crunches

The email said to perform this set 1-10 times depending on skill level. I did the first set as a warm-up. For the main set I used a 20 pound dumbbell with my lunges and squats. I held the dumbbell over my head during the lunges, and centered it below my hips during my squats.

I liked the routine because the burpees are in the beginning, and once those were done, each set went by fairly quickly. However, I somehow figured I needed to pluck my eyebrows in the middle of set five. This is one of the risk you take when opting to workout at home. It was then I decided I needed to finish that set and call it quits for the night.

So there you have it; an easy at home workout for your “productively procrastination” days.
Til next time friends!

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WOD – totally ready for the Spartan Race

I’ve decided to post two weeks in a row (I think it’s been two weeks at least) .

It’s amazing how productive one can be while bored at work.

Not only am I being creatively productive, but I am risking everything being on this website during work hours.I know. I know, I’m so dangerous.

Speaking of dangerous, I have been going to the gym regularly. Now I know what your thinking, “Rikki, how is that dangerous.”Well it’s not, I am just lacking a creative transition

As promised, I said I would try a recommended workout provided by the Spartan Race WOD emails. Below is the most recent WOD I tried. This is what I was supposed to do:

Main Set
Run 1/2 mile
20 Burpees
50 lunges (each leg)
3 min. plank

Run 1/2 mile
40-40jumping jacks (total of 80)
40-40 pushups (total of 80)
80 air squats
1 min. side plank (each side)

Repeat 5x if signed up for the Beast race

Below is what I actually did:

Main Set
Jogged 1/4 mile
20 Burpees
50 lunges (each leg)
1 min plank

Jogged 1/4 mile
40-40 jumping jacks (this was my rest)
40 push-ups (screw the other 40)
80 air squats
Made executive decision to forgo the side planks



Needless to say, I was a little overly ambitious with this weeks WOD choice.
In my defense I do work until 7:00pm and then have to commute 35 miles, so I just wasn’t in the mood to stay late at the gym. My version of this WOD still took 45 min.

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m totally ready for this race.

So my new goal is to actually do this WOD by the end of next week. I don’t care if it takes me all day; I will get it done. Maybe not the 80 pushups; that’s just over kill, and my arms don’t need to get any bigger than they already are (because, you know, I’m so buff).

Til next week my friends!

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Remember that time when I use to review

A lot has happened these past few months. 

I finally had the wedding of my dreams with my husband of five years. Due to the military we were never able to set a date because, well, Army doesn’t care if you have a wedding set… war comes first.

Go figure.

It was a little backyard shindig with the people I love the most, and a mimosa bar. 

Best idea ever.

Not only was the wedding higher than my expectations, but, I looked fab in my gown.

Now I apologize for the cockiness, but I feel every girl needs that moment to just be completely self-involved for her wedding day.

And this girl finally got to have it.

In the mean time, I have been training for this so called Spartan Beast Race. Admittedly not as much as I should, but I have found a few workouts I like from the daily WOD they send via email and wanted to share one with you today.

Each week I’ll try and post one that I’ve done and recommend. As much as I procrastinate on working out, no feeling compares to the post-workout push. 

Below is a WOD I did about a month ago (I know, I know, that’s a long time ago. I am just so terrible with commitment).


I believe I may of done a 1/2 mile jog. I’m a terrible liar, so I refuse to play off like I remember what exactly it is I did.

Main Set:

Burpees/Air Squats


I alternated sets of Burpees and Air Squats, which totaled 110 Burpees and Squats (and yes, I just now took out my calculator to do this complicated arithmetic).

I am too cheap to purchase an arm band for my iphone for music, so I keep the phone in my hand while doing Burpees.

Although I look silly, and I have to be gentle when I go back down into the push-up position, this strategy does help me keep a consistent pace. Plus I don’t have to worry about ugly arm flab from the damn strap.

You think they would have a more attractive solution for us ladies with decent, but not solid, triceps.

The Air Squats were a good way for my to catch up on my breath, but still keep my heart rate up, and plus, help maintain my minimal definition in my quads.

So you start off with one Burpee, followed by one Air Squat. Then two Burpees and two Air Squats. You continue to 10 then work your way back down.

And, some further good news not related to any topic above…

My job has trusted me with their instagram page. Surprisingly, I have stayed committed to taking photos and posting on my days off as well. My favorite part is writing the cheesy captions.

But if you could help a girl out and follow the page, maybe one day I could make this writing thing a full-time gig.

And yes…

be committed to it. 

Follow sonnenvw on instagram. 

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