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Gingerbread latte – the best part of the holidays

Even though Thanksgiving has yet to pass, the Christmas joy at Starbucks has returned not a moment too soon; I am forever thankful for the season of the gingerbread lattes (see what I did there?)

Between the Thanksgiving festivities, food, the Christmas lights, music and snacks, this is without a doubt one of my favorite times of the year. However, with the cold weather and time change, it has made going to the gym a little more challenging.

This is usually my season for hibernation; where vegging out in front of the TV watching cheesy ABC family movies and eating peanut brittle is my favorite hobby.

But not this year. Since I’ve started the Vi shake, I’ve noticed a lack of unnecessary snacking, even with the holiday-time-weather change.

I’m just not as hungry, and snack food is oddly less appetizing for me. The other day I went out to dinner with an old friend and ordered the Mac and Cheese. By the end of the night, I felt a little sick.

Once I ruled out the pregnancy scare, I knew it had to be the Paula Deen-esq food I had ordered. This is never an issue for me. My favorite food groups are fried and cheese, and yet I still felt sick? I realized the shake is to thank (or blame, but I’m going with the thanks) for feeling ill after such a hearty greasy meal. I hardly eat those things any more, and when I do, I can’t finish it. I fill up very quickly, and it’s no longer appetizing enough to eat through the fullness.

Since I’ve moved from two shakes a day to only one, I have maintained the little weight I lost and have a nice little definition in the stomach area.

So as I write to you all today on my -lunch break, on my phone, in the local Starbucks, drinking my gingerbread latte I’ve eagerly waited for for the past 9 months- I feel no guilt. I’ve been diligent about my portions, religious with drinking one shake a day, and I am very happy with my results (thus far).

I’ll try my best to keep this up on the 22nd (considering I have three turkey meals to go to in one day), but in the end, I’m going to enjoy the holidays and be grateful I have food to eat and the dilemma of too many different family members to visit in one 24 hour period.

Until then, Happy Thanksgiving!

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Haven’t posted for a bit… Either I’m dead or haven’t seen any results

It has been over a week since my last post. Since I’m here writing this, I’m assuming you have figured out I am not dead. Thus meaning, I haven’t lost any more weight.

I am still at the same weight I was over a week ago. I have a few confessions to make.

I decided to make one of my wonderful co-workers cookies for her bday. I went with the peanut butter cookie topped with a Hersey kiss. Classic, simple cookies with above average flavor and texture. (I’m big on texture.) I bought a bag of kisses and a bag of hugs. I wanted her to know she was worthy of both (not necessarily from me. I don’t know her that well yet). So I ended up with an abundance of hugs and kisses, and have had no other choice but to eat these delicious affectionate treats.

Serving size is reasonable, and calories aren’t terrible, but I’ve been eating them like tic tacs, and I can’t help but think this is why I have not loss anymore weight or gotten minty fresh breath.

So here is my vow to you my faithful followers (all two of you), I will stay clear of the chocolate lusts, and limit myself to two a day. This is just a fraction of what I’ve been guilty of, and I am too ashamed to share with you that number.

My second confession: I am currently at Starbucks, on my break, writing this while drinking a 380 calorie drink. I ordered it thinking oh a new fall drink! Salted caramel mocha. Sounds delicious and couldn’t possibly be more calories than the caramel macchiato. Oh, but it is. 200 calories more to be exact.

But I am enjoying it and I regret nothing.

With all this negativity in this post, I do have to shed light on my accomplishments. I have signed up for a half marathon in San Francisco, and can now comfortably jog 4 miles (improved from my 3 mile comfort jog) and did 6 miles at high noon last week. Not nearly as comfortable, and I’m dreading this weeks long jog, but still a goal I have reached!

So my Vi journey is not over, and now I am finally working out regularly-if this was based a point system instead of weight-loss scale, I would be kicking ass with the amount of points I’ve earned- ‘Til next week my friends.

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