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The final weigh in

On Friday I fell asleep while eating a cookie.

Not my proudest moment. Although, in my defense, not my worst.

So that was the beginning of the end for my three-week weight loss challenge.

Today was final weigh in, and I had not made any real attempt to lose weight or even workout.

I think I averaged one workout a week.

One being a deceivingly difficult trampoline class.

You don’t jump up; instead you push down.

What does that even mean?!

And how did someone manage to take the fun out of jumping on trampolines?!

To recap: I had three weeks to lose 10 pounds. I invested $40. If I succeeded, I got double my investment back. If I failed, I lost everything (except for the weight).

Three weeks ago I weighed in at 145.

Today ladies and gentlemen….

Drumroll. ..

Mas drumroll…

Drumroll is not nearly as effective on paper…


That was my weight today. I don’t know if I prefaced that properly.

In the end I didn’t get $80 or even my initial $40 back, but I did get four dollars per pound lost. Which means I only lost $16.

It is probably for the best, because I’ve wanted this cat clock for awhile and it happens to cost as much as the competition.

It’s stupid. I don’t need it, and I have absolutely no good place for it.

So really, I saved $16.

Welp, that’s a wrap on my latest fitness endeavour.

I’ll keep you posted on my holiday weight fluctuations so y’all know you’re not alone.

Til next time!

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Is the smaller box of Cheez-Its considered diet?

I said I would post daily on this thing. 

That was six days ago. 

In the true fashion of not upholding to my word, I had to slack off for a few days. 

The weigh-in for my work’s weightloss challenge was last Thursday. I made sure to drink plenty of water right before. 

I’m hoping that’s why this 5’2 lady had the number 145 light up on the scale. 

Maybe I DO need to diet?

Ugh, I really like my waistline, so I’m not feeling any pressure – or motivation. 

Although, I still have $40 on the line to lose 10 pounds.

I’ll give you my current progess:

That is a photo of my best friend and I at Zombie Brew Crawl last Saturday.

Or is it my best friend and me?

 No one knows. 

The face I am making perfectly illustrates my feelings for dieting. 
Here’s another photo to redeem myself:

Look at them guns!
Anyways, as you can see in the photo, I have a tiny glass of beer. Times that by three hours and mutiple tiny glasses – I had a lot of beer that day. 

Needless to say, week one of the diet wasn’t productive. 

Unless you count the fact I bought a tiny box of Cheez-Its instead of the full, grown-up size box for lunch. 

Then week one diet was a success. 

I’ll keep you posted on week two. 

Til next time friends!

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I’ve failed

I realized I haven’t posted anything in two months: partly because I’ve been living a fantastic life, and the main part is because I haven’t been strict with this diet.

If you’ve learned anything about me from this blog, you’ve probably learned I am terrible with self discipline.

On a positive note, I am now 27 and loving my thighs more than ever before in my life. I have finally started focusing on “buns” and “thigh” workouts at the gym. They still aren’t photogenic, but they’ve untied with their friend hamstring and hopefully glute minimus and medius will move in soon.

As far as the “clean” eating goes… It’s been difficult to stay on track due to the celebration of my birth as well as celebrating St. Patrick within the same two week time span. As far as April goes, I’ve been dedicated to my social life and haven’t focused on the diet.


I have been staying away from packaged foods. I still go out to eat and cave on my Hazelnut latte (Starbucks bastards have me in their pockets), but as far as eating snacks like chips, crackers, trail mix etc. I’ve been successful at staying away from those packaged foods.

I haven’t lost weight, but I’ve maintained, and I’ve had some added health benefits.

Lately I’ve had adult acne. It’s been an ongoing problem, but once I started prepping all my meals, I have had clearer skin. (Knock on wood.)

There’s been a few other health benefits of the lady kind, and I am not as hungry during the day when I opt for a Greek yogurt snack or a piece of fruit.

But in the weight loss department, I’ve failed 100%. My goal is to get more toned, and I haven’t applied myself to the gym or the diet (I’m telling you, my birthday really messed up my dedication).

So I am determined to find what works for me. Obviously the Body By Vi was too boring, and the clean eating a little too strict.

I finally get to have a wedding after five years of Marriage in June (due to the military we were unable to have a ceremony). My goal is to be more toned for the wedding. Not necessarily lose weight, but just look damn good in my dress.

I am going to find the happy medium between my lifestyle and the “healthy” lifestyle. So far eating three meals a day works, I just need to tweak it so I can still enjoy my dinner with my girlfriends but still see results at the end of the week.

Even though I’m not quite where I would like to be in the weight category, I have had a few positive changes, and it just goes to show even if something doesn’t work for you completely, there’s still something positive to take from it.

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The new year new me blah blah blah

So it’s been awhile since I’ve posted. It’s like December didn’t even exist.

I slacked off a lot my good friends – I’m in week two of just snacking. Part of me had hoped I was pregnant just to justify my inability of self-control.

But I’m not pregnant, however the woman at the target check-out line was excited for me when I purchased the test.

So the holidays were a bust. I snacked, I worked out maybe twice a week (which is better than not at all) and my favorite hobby was turning on the Christmas tree lights, sitting in front of my television, and cuddling with the dogs on my couch.

The problem is, I don’t feel guilty. I gained back the little weight I had originally loss, but I’m okay with it. To be honest, if it wasn’t for television and Victoria secret models, I would never even try to lose weight in the first place. I like my hips, my booty and the way I look in dresses. I could use some help (admittedly) in the upper region of my body, but I have yet to find a shake to assist with that problem.

The problem is, I’m confident and like the way I look. I’m not out if shape, I could eat healthier, but beyond that, I’m actually happy.

I’ve been as little as 108 pounds and as big as 148 on my 5’2 frame. I was actually more happy at 148 than 108. I learned a long time ago that it doesn’t matter what the scale says, really all that matters is how confident I am.

148 is a little big for my frame (I have chipmunk cheeks at that weight), but my point is that it is all about how you feel about yourself. I am guilty of comparing myself to skinny girls. Even when I was 108 I had these dreaded thighs. You can’t change biology.

The reason I bring this up now is because it is New Years and people seem to associate a New Year to new opportunity. And as much as I like the romance behind this, today really is no different than yesterday. What gave you the courage to start a new diet/exercise or health plan on New Years has always been in you.

My New Years resolution has nothing to do with weight loss or the Vi product, but instead has to do with my procrastination and fear of not being good enough, and procrastinating on starting my life. I love writing, and nothing makes my day more than seeing a complete stranger has viewed this blog. Someone took the time out of their life to read the nonsense I have written.

I did slack off on December on this blog, but I can’t help but feel my job here is done. I like the Vi product, I recommend it for people who want to eat healthier, and it’s actually quite easy to maintain. But as far as this blog goes, I think the slacking off is a sign I need to go back to my roots -creative writing.

With that said, if I were to stop this blog then it would completely contradict my entire procrastination on life statement I made earlier. Instead I’m actually going to be adamant about keeping up with this thing and finding new angles on this Vi topic.

Bottom line, don’t wait til the New Year for the new you. Start today! I am 15 days into the New Year and I’m finally beginning my resolution. Even though mine isn’t necessarily about weight loss, it is about confidence. I need the confidence to just start writing, and stop comparing myself to other writers.

I also just want to thank everyone who does read this; it honestly brings tears to my eyes knowing people like my writing (I know, I’m such a girl). Please I would love to hear about everyone’s New Years resolutions, it’s never too late. And I assure everyone I will keep up with this blog (as well as a few creative stories on the side) and be less of a slacker.

And I hope everyone had an amazing end to 2012!

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The Oreo Cookie package

Now that Thanksgiving is over, it is time to find forgiveness for my “thankful” celebration in the gym. Admittedly, I didn’t eat as much as I had hoped (we’ll just say I’m getting too old to go out the night before Thanksgiving). I used the fact I didn’t divulge in comfort food as an excuse to not hit the gym.

But this post isn’t about my food confession (which somehow is what this blog has turned into), it is about achieving small daily goals with the help of Body By Vi powder.

I bought a package of Oreos to add to my white chocolate cheesecake (see below) for Thanksgiving dessert. I bought this package about a week prior to the big day, and I had a cookie or two prior to my baking. The real heroic story here is, that package still resides comfortably in my pantry. Almost two weeks with a pack of Oreos, and I have yet to eat them all.

This may not seem like a big deal to most of you, but I purposely avoid buying packaged snacks to avoid the disappointment I feel after two days of indulging with nothing left to spare. My usual routine is eating 3/4 of the package on day 1, then feeling guilty and saving a little bit for the next day, always to come back to the snack on day 2 with sadness because the portion is too tiny to enjoy.

However, this did not happen for me this time. Even after using several cookies for baking, I still have cookies left two weeks later.

I think everyone should take a moment and embrace these little achievements, especially during the holidays. It’s not about the journey but the steps you take to getting there. (Pretty sure mis-quoting old expressions aren’t going to help me get publish; however, I prefer my versions better. Think of them as “updated”…I am also interested in marketing.)

Now the next question is, how does the Vi powder relate to any of this?

Well it doesn’t.

Just kidding.

Even though I may skip a day or two of my Vi powder, I really can’t get over how it’s helped me portion control and I thank that package of Vi for the package of Oreos still in my pantry.


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The 90 day review

It’s been 90 days since I started the challenge and here are my thoughts.

My goal was 118 pounds.
I am 11 pounds from that goal.
Does this mean the shake is a failure? No.
Because I didn’t follow the guidelines as directed.
And I enjoy beer.

So does this mean I’m a failure?
Because I have never been this diligent about any diet (even if I didn’t follow it exactly), and I still found some favorable results while not giving up a nice, cold Pyramid Apricot Wheat Ale fresh from the tap (if you haven’t had one, you haven’t lived).

The question now is, what exactly did I accomplish if I didn’t reach my goal?
To be honest, I kind of used the shake as an excuse to not work out regularly. If I was diligent with working out and taking the shake, I probably would of seen more results.

Two weeks ago I finally caved in and signed up for a 24 hour fitness membership. I was stubborn before and figured I could use the great outdoors as my gym. Turns out, however, I don’t enjoy cold weather and have a constant paranoia of a dirty, unattractive, greasy man waiting around for my oblivious, vulnerable, tired presence after a work out.

Now that I’ve been going to the gym regularly AND drinking the shake, I’ve noticed my body has toned up quicker than usual.

The real surprise with this is I am seeing my thighs grow muscle. I spent 10 weeks in basic training, and never saw these results. I am going to thank Vi for this new addition of muscle mass to my body’s muscle family.

Another bonus is I eat less. I don’t feel as hungry as use to, and I get full quicker.

The real win is I feel a difference in my clothes.

So even though I didn’t meet my 90 day goal, I definitely have had a successful run with the Vi powder.

My 90 days may be up, but I’m not done with Vi. I will continue taking the powder once a day and make it a habit to work out regularly. After 90 days of this method I will compare it to my first 90 (two meal substitutions and little working out) and see which one has more rewarding effects.

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A little burnt out

Fortunately I’ve been diligent with my daily weigh-ins.

But unfortunately, I’ve been diligent with my daily weigh-ins.

I haven’t seen any new (favorable results) in the past two weeks. I was getting frustrated when I realized the powder that is supposed to last me a month, has actually lasted me far longer .

I guess I’m guilty of not keeping up with the challenge.

There’s a few factors resulting in my lack of motivation:

Factor 1: I’ve been drinking the shake twice a day for over two months. I don’t care how good it is, I need some excitement in my meals. Sorry Vi company, but a cake tasting powder just can’t satisfy me in the endurance round.

Factor 2: My sister-in-law is an amazing cook. You can call me weak, you can call bullshit on this excuse, but until you’ve had fresh, home-cooked Peruvian food, your opinion is not valid.

Factor 3: I’ve had a damn shake twice a day for two months now.

Factor 4: My hometown is finally building up and the restaurants are actually crave-able.
off topic rant

Last night I had a date night with my husband (that’s right fellas I’m taken; sorry to disappoint). We decided to try the new restaurant downtown (Barrel Aged). The moment I walked in I felt as if I had entered a movie from the film noire era.

1930s rhythm played in the background; hues of yellow and brown blanketed the room and we sat in a booth worthy for Al Capone and his minions.
I absolutely loved it.
When the power unexpectedly went out, instead of kicking us out, the bar tender grabbed her iPad, lit up the bar and said “at least I have light to make drinks.”

Now that’s one worthy Dame.

End of rant off topic rant

So needless to say, If the option comes up to have something other than my shake, I take it.

So here is my new plan. My weakness to say no to other meals occur when I get home. My new strategy is to now have the shake for breakfast and lunch, and save the meal for dinner.

As much as I prefer to eat a majority of my calories prior to night fall, it’s not doing me any good if I continue to cheat myself every dinner.

Now with all this said, there are some good qualities to mention.

My hunger is much more manageable since I’ve started the shakes. I don’t feel starved during the day like I use to, and I feel full a lot earlier in my meal.

I have not been working out since the days have began to struggle with darkness. Waking up to jog with no light is not at all motivating. However, the little muscle definition I have has retained, and I think it’s due to the shakes.

In the end, this is really my fault why I haven’t stayed on track; I’m a sucker for good food and new things to try.

While I will not reach my goal by 90 days, I’m hoping things may turn around with a shake in the morning and afternoon.

I will keep you posted in one week.

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California Calories

About a year ago I moved back to California after 3 wonderful years in Savannah Georgia. Since I’ve been back, I noticed calorie labels everywhere. You can’t order a glass of water without a number posted next to it.

A good friend and I were out to lunch and she educated me on the California proposition that was passed making every restaurant post the calorie content of every item.

At first I thought this was genius. I finally know how many calories I’m eating/drinking without estimating.

I miss my estimates.

On average my estimates were about 50 to 150 calories in my favor. Now I can’t go to Starbucks without contemplating whether or not my usual order of 3 years is suddenly worth the calories.

At first, I do admit, I thought this was a perfect way for me to balance eating-out to my diet. But no matter where I go, or what I order, it never justifies the ridiculous amount of calories listed on the menu.

Instead of feeling health conscious and savvy, I instead feel immediate guilt for a food item I just considered eating.

The end result is I end up ordering something with less calories (compared to other items on the menu), that’s still high in calories and less delicious.

I miss my life prior to the calorie conscious menus. I miss my life prior to sugary lattes with more than 50 calorie estimates. I miss my life prior to these calorie crazed menus.

There’s really no point to the post other than ignorance is bliss.

Please enjoy your next restaurant visit out; order the 3000 calorie cheeseburger and garlic fries; add a beer to top it off and in the end don’t regret it. I’ve noticed I get no where with my food regrets, and end up on a downward spiral to high calorie hell.

So next time I go out to eat, I will not pay attention to the calories, but instead, pay attention to my hunger. If I feel stuffed with 2/3 of the meal still on The plate, I will resist the urge to eat any further. Isn’t self-awareness a better way to diet than an arbitrary number on the menu?

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Roughly a month down, but whose counting?

It has been almost a month since I started this Body by Vi journey. So far…I still like it. No doubt I do get hungry in between meals, but that’s nothing new. I noticed I do better having a meal for lunch, and then having the shake for dinner. I usually make a banana, almond-milk smoothie out of it, and at work I don’t have access to a blender, so drinking it just with the almond milk at lunch has yet to fill me up. 

I eat a lot though…and not the “eat a lot” as in “I’m trying to be a cute girl and say I eat a lot but in all reality a chip fills me up.” No, I wish, oh lord knows how I wish. I am more like “I’ve eaten a half of a large pizza to myself and will never speak of it to anyone” type eater. So for me, some almond milk and a couple scoops of powder is unlikely to salvage as a meal.

I am really bad guys. I still eat cheese and chocolate and snack while on my challenge. But since I have started, I do snack on healthier items like nuts (mind out of the gutter people) and an occasional handful of dark chocolate chips (studies have shown its good for the heart, so hush) and I do enjoy my can of Bud while playing Bocce on weekends (I score more points after I’ve loosened up a bit, so really it’s me helping my team). My point to this litany of mildly bad eating habits is – I have still lost weight without depriving myself of my cravings. 

I am a firm believer in never cutting something out of your diet completely. When I was 15 (which was, like, only five years ago) I dropped from 120 pounds to 108 pounds, and I only had to cut out 1500 calories from my diet. I never ate sweets, and stayed away from my beloved cheese. This lasted about six months until I finally cracked and just ate everything I had been depriving myself of for the previous six months. I went from 108 back to 120, then up to 128, and then plateaued at 140. I in fact weighed more than I had ever weighed in my life (freshmen 15 doesn’t count) and stayed that way until my adulthood. 

This is why I make sure to eat what I am craving. I know there is going to be a night out with the girls where we order fondue, and dessert, and I am going to feel guilty and not eat because it goes against my diet. Then I am going to crack and splurge on chocolate covered donuts. I don’t even like chocolate covered donuts people, but I foresee myself indulging.

I am really enjoying this challenge so far. I think it is a realistic diet and it has cut down the cost of my grocery list. If someone who eats half of a large pizza on the regular can be satisfied with this plan, I honestly think anyone will be happy with it and successful. 

Roughly month 1 done and over with, and 5/6 pounds lost! I weigh less than I have in 5 years (which means since I was 15)!

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Day 1

Yesterday I was welcomed home by a small package covered in the Body by Vi logo sitting on my doorstep. 

Since I had already planned, and bought ingredients, to make pesto for last nights dinner, I figured it was best if I waited until this morning to begin my 90 – day challenge. (The pesto sauce was delicious by the way.)

At this point in time I should post my measurements and weight, but I don’t own a measuring tape. Every time I go to Target to buy this measuring tape, I get distracted by the housewares department only to remember what I went there for in the first place after I have exited the building (and going back in is far too much work). But luckily, I do have access to a scale (that I too do not own). So after my delicious, no concern for calories pesto dinner last night, I weighed myself, and I am 133 pounds at  5’2” tall.

For my height, that weight seems like a lot; however, I do look good. Emphasis on the good. Would I like to weigh less even though I currently look exquisite? Why yes, yes I would; hence the reason I am here. 

My goal weight is to get down to 118 pounds (15 pounds less), but I am actually concerned that may be too skinny for me. I have hips and *booty that I’m just not willing to part ways with. So, if anything else, I would like to get down to a comfortable size 3 in pants. Why do I say comfortable you ask? Because I have a few size 3 jeans, that are stretch, and I have to squeeze into. I want a pair of size 3 jeans that requires no squeezing, stretching, crying, and thus, no shame every time I button and zip. 



* I’m not quite sure which word is most appropriate to use. Butt? Ass? Gluteus?  The problem with gluteus is that it implies I have more muscle than I actually do. And the other’s aren’t as friendly sounding as booty; less poetic if I might say.



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