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Daily Ultimate Training (add intense voice)

I haven’t posted in awhile because I’ve been uninspired.

That is…

I recently joined the UFC gym where they have Daily Ultimate Training. First off, you have to say it with a deep voice similar to the Resident Evil Two title screen from the Playstation 1 video game. For the youngsters out there, Playstation 1 was the console prior to 3 and 4. (I’m just assuming ya’ll weren’t around for the 2 console either.)

Daily Ultimate Training (DUT) is the non-copyrited version of Crossfit for UFC. They even have a little room with a garage door to hold the classes.


Admittedly, there isn’t much lifting. But with the whole Crossfit debate on Powerlifting, and speed, and injuries, it probably is a liability to add them in.

Today was a team workout. Whichever team completed the workout the fastest won. (Spoiler alert: we got second place. Or the first ones to lose. However you want to look at it.)

The workout was 80 tire flips, 60 fireman carries up stairs, and 40 sled pushes. We had to work together to finish the full amount of reps (these aren’t individual reps but total reps for the team). I doubted the coach when he said the fireman carry would be the most difficult. I mean all we had to do was carry two 25- pound plates by our sides up and down stairs. No lifting involved.

I got to stair three and my forearms were killing me. By the way, this was after we each had to do 100 Kettlebell swings to “buy into” the team workout. This whole buying in concept was confusing to me, especially with such a large number of reps.

You mean to tell me I have to do 100 swings just to be able to do the workout? Are you sure that’s not the workout?

Because usually that’s my workout.

So after the 100 Kettlebell swings, I did maybe one fireman carry and decided that was best left up to my little sister who was on my team. She seemed pretty content walking up and down the stairs sweating. So I chose to flip the tire.

I’ve never actually flipped a tire before, but they are surprising heavy. I had to ask the coach how one flips a tire. He said bend down.

Not in a sexy way.
No he didn’t say that part.
But I have to tell myself this ever since I was a kit kat girl in Cabaret my senior year of high school; I now have a tendency to bend down rubbing my knees while opening my legs.

Muscle memory people.

Back to the tire flip: I have this amazing ability to over think the simplest task. So I awkwardly bent my knees (not in a sexy way) nearly a foot from the tire.

Where do I place my hands?

Under the tire clearly, but I had to ask Nos (yes, that was our coach’s name) this out loud.

Out loud.

After a few failed attempts, I got the hang of it and got my team a solid 16 flips.

Everything was going pretty steadily (especially with my little sister rocking out the fireman carries), but as soon as we hit the lead and finished the 80 flips and 60 carries, the worst thing could of happened, there was only one sled and three teams. When we finally whined to Nos long enough and lost our lead, he said we could then slide the tire. This wasn’t an even exchange, because the tire weighed far more than a sled with 50 pounds, but at this point we were trying to catch up and didn’t want to waste any more time.

The tire was a two-man job for sure. It would get stuck against the wall, it was heavy and it was at a less convenient position than the sled. But that didn’t stop my team and I. There were four of us racing the clock: My little sister – the fireman carry champ; my little brother – the tire flipper even hell fears, and Sarah – the UFC employee on her lunch break with really cute makeup.

We had one more slide with the tire before we could finish. My little brother and I pushed, then my little sister went to the side to help maneuver, then Sarah pulled. Suddenly this heavy tire became light and we were able to slide it with ease.

I feel like that’s a good metaphor for life:
The more you help each other the easier life is.

We made our last slide and suddenly our team workout was finished.


Then Nos says, “20 burpees to buy out”.

Wait what?

Because 20 burpees is usually my workout.

Til next time friends!

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