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Lose ten pounds in three weeks!

Welcome to thirty folks!

I’m still just as unmotivated and disappointingly short.

I really thought I would be taller by now.

Scroll down and you’ll see the prior year of half-ass commitments I applied myself to.

Since I’m a fan of excuses, the reason I have been uninvolved is because I am actually happy.

I may have addressed this topic in a prior post, but in the good fashion of being lazy,  I’ll just re-address it instead of clicking out of this window to view another window, to see if I have already mentioned this topic.

Talk about grammatical errors in that sentence above! I’m too tired to go back and edit, so please give me a pass on this one.

I  was really diligent about posting in this thing a few years ago. It was my way of escaping and safely entering a world where I could be myself.

I only added “safely” because it’s nearly 10pm and I have used all my clever adjectives for my copywriting gig earlier.

But over the past year, I haven’t yearned for that escape like I did two years ago.

Hindsight – it was depression.

But now I’ve entered the lovely world of social anxiety and overthinking every goddamn thing.

I actually hesitated writing “goddamn” because I didn’t want to offend anyone.

I don’t know where this liberal overly PC girl came from, but she is exhausting.

Actually, I have a hypothesis…

I’ve been working in front of a computer too damn long! I forgot how to socially interact with people.

So I’ve decided to take the plunge and teach Spin.

(Like how I brought in the theme of the blog finally?)

It wasn’t so much a plunge as it was a halfass, two sentence inquiry to a craigslist ad.

Luckily for me, a brand new gym is opening, and they need to staff from the ground up.

So it’s by default I got the gig.

But it really reinforces my mantra of “why try hard?”

Which brings me back to our theme of the blog.

(Not really, I just got bored of writing what I litterally just wrote and decided to skip the topic altogether.)

My work is doing a weight-loss challenge. For camaraderie sake I want to participate.

The challenge is to put in $40 and lose 10 pounds in three weeks. If I lose the 10 pounds, I get $80 back!

For you non-maths out there, that’s double my investment.

If I do not lose 10 pounds, I lose my $40. That is opposite of investment.

(Of course my first thought was how can I cheat this?)

Because my laziness outweighs my frugalness (see DietBet post – then immediately notice the non follow-up DiteBet post after) the money motivation isn’t a guarantee I’ll follow through.

So I thought real hard and realized the last time I attempted a “diet” was when I posted on this thing religiously.

Hence this post 🙂

Weigh in is tomorrow. I figured I would update my three-week adventure daily to try and stay motivated.

Hopefully you all can keep me accountable. All you diligent followers you (add winky face).

It’s late and the cat is needing attention – for the record a literal cat – I’m out.

Til tomorrow with weigh-in updates.

…we’ll see if it happens.


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