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Is the smaller box of Cheez-Its considered diet?

I said I would post daily on this thing. 

That was six days ago. 

In the true fashion of not upholding to my word, I had to slack off for a few days. 

The weigh-in for my work’s weightloss challenge was last Thursday. I made sure to drink plenty of water right before. 

I’m hoping that’s why this 5’2 lady had the number 145 light up on the scale. 

Maybe I DO need to diet?

Ugh, I really like my waistline, so I’m not feeling any pressure – or motivation. 

Although, I still have $40 on the line to lose 10 pounds.

I’ll give you my current progess:

That is a photo of my best friend and I at Zombie Brew Crawl last Saturday.

Or is it my best friend and me?

 No one knows. 

The face I am making perfectly illustrates my feelings for dieting. 
Here’s another photo to redeem myself:

Look at them guns!
Anyways, as you can see in the photo, I have a tiny glass of beer. Times that by three hours and mutiple tiny glasses – I had a lot of beer that day. 

Needless to say, week one of the diet wasn’t productive. 

Unless you count the fact I bought a tiny box of Cheez-Its instead of the full, grown-up size box for lunch. 

Then week one diet was a success. 

I’ll keep you posted on week two. 

Til next time friends!

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